Effective Counseling Skills: the practical wording of therapeutic statements and processes

To order the title book visit http://www.amazon.com/Effective-Counseling-Skills-therapeutic-statements/dp/1442177993 also available through major bookstores and by interlibrary loan from some institutions where the volume is located: McMaster University, University of Manitoba, Vancouver Public Library (Canada), San Diego Public Library, Dixie State College of Utah, University of Louisville, University of Southern California, Texas A&M University, University of Missouri–Columbia, University of Wisconsin-Madison General Library System, Columbia University Libraries, University of Massachusetts at Boston.

Library of Congress Control Number: 2009904837

Also used as a counselor training and examination manual, this book gives away the secrets of effective counselors and therapists. The practical skills and concepts distilled in the present form, are the contributions of countless colleagues and clients who over the years have challenged the creative energies of the author. Effective Counseling Skills is designed to achieve the primary purpose of making counseling skills public knowledge in the belief that the health of society is improved when counseling is known to the most people. The style of the manual is conversational with numerous examples of the wording of therapeutic statements. Major topic areas include an explanation of the client’s personal history, suicide prevention, how to begin and deepen the counseling process, helping the client learn healthy ways of relating, moving the client from childhood to maturity, skills for healing grief, and working with couples facing issues of conflict, infidelity, addiction, and other common problems. Practical ways to build and manage a counseling practice are presented. A detailed index and table of contents make the volume easy to use as a guide for both the practitioner as well as people seeking help. The title is also available through interlibrary loan in the US and Canada from major public and university libraries listed on WorldCat.org.

Topics covered in the manual are:
1. Clinical Assessment and Suicide Prevention
2. The Counseling Process and Therapeutic Interventions
3. Loss and Grief Counseling
4. Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills
5. Couple Counseling Strategies
6. Counseling Practice Ethics and Relationships

This manual serves as the primary source for all applicants completing the Qualifying Examination required for entry into the apprenticeship program available to counseling candidates throughout the world. As a verbatim transcript of core professional knowledge instruction, the format and style of the manual is conversational with frequent examples of the wording of therapeutic statements and processes. Included in some chapters is a demonstration of skills or discussion of practice sessions. Within each chapter, major headings are presented in all upper-case letters, and minor or sub-headings are in all lower-case letters. The san serif font was chosen to make the interior content easiest to read.

Upon satisfactory completion of the examination based on the manual, the applicant can apply for acceptance as an Intern Counselor of the College. Following this, the Intern Counselor is ready to begin observing, counseling, and experiencing the client relationship in collaboration with an approved counselor or therapist in the community.

The philosophy of the College is that counselors should engage in their own process of self-awareness and growth as clients in a counseling relationship. This experience enhances the counselor’s ability to identify counter-transference, defenses and coping strategies, unresolved losses and conflicts, and unhealthy patterns that may affect different relationships including clients seeking help.

Professional counselors approved by their associations or state agencies, are often lacking in ability in the following areas: to provide grief counseling, practical communication skill training for couples, to properly assess clients regarding influences of the family of origin, and to provide goal-directed and measurable progress in counseling.

Abundant professional literature is available for heavily theoretical studies in counseling and therapy. Bookstores are full of popular literature for understanding various dysfunctions and disorders suffered by individuals, couples, and families. However, something more is needed to provide actual practical tools and means for healing the intangible sicknesses of ourselves and our society.

The unique value of the model of the College is to give practical approaches that are immediately usable including detailed descriptions and therapeutic wordings of statements, skills, and interventions. It is the goal and hope of the author and of the College that the contents of this volume will find a way into every library and home for the growth of therapeutic families and communities.

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Effective Counseling Skills
Effective Counseling Skills: the practical wording of therapeutic statements and processes

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Daniel Keeran lives with his wife Jennie in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Born in 1947, he is the youngest of four sons and the father of Phoebe and Seth. He has been a practicing psychotherapist since 1976. He is a graduate of David Lipscomb University (BA, European History), the University of Kentucky (MA, Russian History), and Kent School of Social Work, University of Louisville (MSW, Clinical Social Work). In 1985, he founded the Counsellor Training Institute that expanded to five cities in British Columbia and Nova Scotia.
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